How to apply

In order to apply for the Professional Career Training programme, you first must secure a position with a Host Company in the USA. When you're Host Company and you have agreed on how long your traineeship will be, what kind of training you will receive, and what sort of compensation they are willing to provide, they need to draw up a DS-7002 Training Plan.

If your company has never hosted a trainee before, or are unsure of what is needed for the plan, they can read a comprehensive guide to the DS-7002 on CIEE's website.

Please note - your Host Organisation must complete the entire DS-7002, including the extra phase pages as a training programme must contain at least 3-4 phases of training if you are completing a programme of 12 months or more.

Complete the programme Application Form

Application Form

To avoid any possible errors when filling out your application, please use these Application Form Instructions as a Guide

Don't forget to read, sign and date our Terms and Conditions. You must submit these Terms and Conditions along with the rest of your application.

Terms and Conditions

Additional Documents

Along with your application form and DS-7002 you will also have to submit the following:

  • Passport copy
  • Copies of Previous US Visas (or copies of previous DS2019 if applicable)
  • Copy of Academic Qualification if applicable(Degree, Diploma, Certificate)
  • Original Third Level Academic Transcripts if applicable
  • Original Bank Statement/Guarantor Letters (this is only applicable if your Host Company has outlined that you will be making less than $1000 per month on your DS-7002) (If you need a guarantor, please see our guarantor letter template)
  • A copy of your most up to date CV. This should detail your previous work experience as much as possible.

When you have all of the above, please either send by post, or in person (by appointment only) to: Professional Career Training, USIT Travel
19/21 Aston Quay,
O'Connell Bridge,
Dublin 2

If you have any questions regarding your application documents, please email us.


As soon as we receive your application forms, we will vet them in our Dublin office. If everything is satisfactory at that point, we will contact you for payment by phone. You will be expected to pay your full programme fee, Sevis fee and Insurance. Please note if your Host Company must undergo the Site Visit requirement we will contact you and you will be expected to pay this fee in addition to fees listed above.

(Please note, all fees must reflect your total duration of stay in the USA and not just the duration of your Traineeship. The entire duration of stay is based on the date of departure to the US and the date you will return to Ireland. For example, if an applicant's trainee dates are from 01 June 2010 to 30 September 2011 (14 months) but the applicant is entering the US on May 28th and intends to travel for two weeks upon completion of the programme, departing the US on October 14th, then they must purchase the fees for the 15 month duration.)