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The Professional Career Training programme is an officially sponsored US Exchange programme and as such is only available as a total package which includes purchasing your programme and SEVIS fee, insurance and flights through USIT. This ensures that USIT and your US Sponsor are fully aware of your entry and departure dates to and from the USA, and that you fulfill the insurance requirements for the duration of your stay in the USA, as per US Government programme Regulations.


Applicants can enter the USA up to 30 days before their training start date and can stay up to 30 days from the final date of the training programme. The Programme Fee should therefore be calculated based on the total duration of stay in the USA and not just the duration of the Traineeship. For example, if an applicant's trainee dates are from 01 June 2016 to 30 September 2017 (14 months) but the applicant is entering the US on May 28th and intends to travel for two weeks upon completion of the programme, departing the US on October 14th, then they must purchase the fees for the 15 month duration.

0-3 month €3,367 €2,193
4 month €3,460 €2,228
5 month €3,545 €2,255
6 month 3,634 €2,286
7 month 3,724 €2,316
8 month €3,807 €2,343
9 month 3,896 €2,374
10 month 3,989 €2,409
11 month 4,073 €2,435
12 month €4,156 €2,470
13 month 4,251 €2,497
14 month 4,340 €2,528
15 month 4,433 €2,563
16 month 4,522 €2,594
17 month 4,610 €2,624
18 month 4,699 €2,655
19 month 4,784 €2,682
20 month 4,872 €3,712

Your programme fee includes:

  • Sponsorship for the duration of your stay in the USA
  • Programme fee
  • SEVIS fee ($180)
  • Processing by USIT and CIEE
  • Printing and issuing of your work papers
  • Online orientation
  • Pre departure support (including Embassy interview support) by USIT
  • 24/7 energency support while in the US by CIEE
  • Participant handbook

Destination, date of travel and availability will determine flight costs. Your outbound flight must be booked through USIT as part of the T&Cs. Flights would then begin from €400 depending on your destination etc.

Please note the above does not include insurance. Alternative can be purchased separately however please check with USIT for approved policies.

Other fees that you will have to pay include your US Embassy interview fee of $160 - this is not a USIT/CIEE fee and is paid directly to the US Embassy at the time of booking your appointment.

If your Host Company has never taken on an intern through the programme before, if their annual revenue is less than $3 million or if they have less than 25 full time employees, CIEE will have to conduct a site visit. The SV fee is €250 and is a US Department of State requirement. We wouldn't find out if this is necessary until the application goes through vetting and the fee would only be added to your booking if we are officially notified from the sponsor that it has to take place.

***The Traineeship programme pricing is based on the full duration of your time in the US ie. Departure to Return date, not just your training dates.***