Professional Career Training

Have you always wanted to work in the USA but didn't quite know how to go about it? Did you never get the chance to do a summer J-1 because you didn't go to college, but always longed to experience life in the US? Well, now is your chance to bite the bullet and go! If you have at least 5 years of experience in your professional field, you could have the unique opportunity of training in the USA in your field for up to 18 months!

The Professional Career Training programme gives graduates (more than 1 year) with at least 12 months work experience in their qualified field (outside the US) or professionals (no qualification necessary) with at least 5 years work experience in your current career field, the chance to get hands on training in the for up to 18 months (hospitality 12 months max duration).

What is a trainee position?

A trainee position must entail practical training directly related to your current career. Your training should include a rotation of different departments and give well rounded exposure to the organization. So you are not just filling a labour need. You are constantly growing your skills and expanding your training. You get a true insight into American life first-hand, all the while working your way up the ladder in your career, and eventually being able to bring all of your expanded training back to the Irish workplace after your training. It's a win-win situation!

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Katie from Dublin

Moving to the US to work for a prestigious symphonic orchestra has always been a dream of mine, and through CIEE's fantastic PCT programme, and the marvellous help from USIT, it was made a reality!! I would highly recommend this course to any young aspiring professionals as it gives you the unique opportunity to experience, first hand, what it is like to work for these incredible and successful US companies. I was so fortunate to be able to move here with my husband also, and we are both loving every minute of our time here! We look forward to getting home again, and to bringing our new found skills to organizations there!

Katie from Dublin

This programme must be purchased through a US government nominated sponsoring agency. We are affiliated with Council for International Educational Exchanges (CIEE) who are nominated by the US Dept of State to operate this programme. You cannot apply directly to the US Government for this programme. CIEE appoint agencies in countries worldwide to offer the programme on their behalf and in Ireland USIT are their nominated partner organisation. CIEE do not sell directly to the public.